Rewind with Gary Bryan

Gary Bryan


Saturday, 7p-12a


A few words about my past: As a young child in Carson, CA., my teachers told me I could have a career as a rocket scientist, but that sounded like too much math, so I decided to become a rock star instead. At 17, I walked into a small-town radio station and asked if I could use the restroom. The next day I was on the air and officially in the radio industry. I’ve never been able to get out.
After traveling much of the known world, performing in front of inflatable audiences, and working at great stations like KUBE in Seattle and Z100 in New York City, I accidentally wound up at KEARTH 101. When I got to Hollywood, I stalked Dick Clark and begged him to do a syndicated show with me called “Dick Clark presents Rewind with Gary Bryan,” which currently airs on great stations across America (coming soon to other planets).
My long-suffering wife has put up with me since we were 19, and my four kids have all considered changing their names. That’s my story, what’s yours?? Hit me up at [email protected] and we’ll talk!!